About Our Media Center

About Good News Digital Media Center

Terry Modica teaching Catholic faith-buildersThe media world has been moving into a new paradigm, and Good News Ministries has been moving with it to help spread a good Catholic influence on the world.

Our media projects are designed to build faith, help people heal from hardships, increase awareness of the loving messages found in the Church’s teachings, and empower you to make a difference in the world for Christ.

We’re spreading the Catholic faith through our channel on YouTube, our Christian Apostleship Learning Lab (CALL) on Facebook, and this website. Subscribe on any of these to be notified when new videos are published.

Help Wanted: Champions of innovation in media

people serving Jesus with media toolsWe are always seeking collaborators from around the world who will join us in using digital media creatively for the sake of changing hearts for Christ. We’re looking for collaborators who can give a little time or a lot of talent to strengthen the faith of Catholics by helping them understand the teachings of Church and God’s great, radical love.

Can you shoot or edit videos? Or brainstorm ideas with us? Do you have creative or technological skills and wish you had an outlet for using them in Christ’s mission?

If you feel energized by the idea of being a champion of the Good News through the creative arts and/or through digital technology, then please let us know! We will give you a very special place on our team of collaborators. Email us by contacting the Video & Digital Media Office.