21-week program begins July 31.
Sign up for weekly spiritual exercises that will strengthen your faith.

Is your faith strong enough? If you’re serious about having a stronger relationship with God and love the Catholic faith, sign up, but only if you are interested in making a true commitment to your faith growth.

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No worries! This boot camp is easy to add into anyone’s life, no matter how busy you are. The videos are short and only once a week, giving you an entire week to put into practice the spiritual exercise that the video explains. Some of them you might already be doing!

Read the story behind Terry Modica’s boot camp.

The 21-week program begins Saturday July 31 (2021). Every weekend you will receive a short video with a new spiritual exercise to do throughout the upcoming week. They start easy and get a little harder each week. They are assigned to you on weekends so you can use them to help keep the Lord’s Day holy.

Choose to have them emailed to you and/or texted to your phone on the Telegram app.

Cost: $25 (suggested donation; scholarships are available)

Register before July 31. No later-comers are accepted.

{{ Sign up for the Boot Camp now }}


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Beth Solis
July 22, 2021 11:21 pm

I can’t say that I’m very good at running laps, doing push-ups, or weightlifting, but I’m ready and eager to tackle THIS kind of bootcamp! Holy Spirit, come sock it to me! Thank you, Coach Modica! ❤️🙏