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Gaining Financial Freedom Part 3: “The Spirit of Poverty and Possessions.”
Financial freedom means not being enslaved to your possessions.

“What blessings are to be found in holy poverty…. Poverty is good and contains within itself all the good things in the world. It is a great domain — I mean that he who cares nothing for the good things of the world has dominion over them all.” (St. Teresa of Avila)

Pope Paul VI points out in his encyclical letter Paths of the Church that a spirit of poverty is proclaimed in the Gospel as part of the plan of our destination to the Kingdom of God, and yet, “it is so much in danger because of the great store the modern mind sets by possessions.” He adds that a spirit of poverty, though difficult, “is so necessary to help us to understand so many of our weaknesses and failures in the past and to show us what our way of life should be and what is the best way to announce the Religion of Christ to souls.”

We must rely, he says, “more upon the help of God and the goods of the Spirit than upon temporal means.” We must remember and teach “that spiritual goods take precedence over economic goods, and that we should limit and subordinate the possession and use of the latter insofar as they are useful for the right exercise of our Apostolic Mission.”

Economic goods must “not be the source of conflicts, of selfishness and of pride among men, but they (must) be used in justice and equity for the common good and, accordingly, distributed with greater foresight,” he says.

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