In Acts 9:32-35, we see one of many examples in scripture of miraculous healings that resulted in people converting to Christ Jesus. Today, God still wants to convert people by providing his love through supernatural power, because this convinces people that Jesus is real.

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Video Excerpt:

Which reveals the love of God more, Jesus dying on the Cross or the Resurrection? Let’s look at this. Jesus dying on the Cross, that’s usually our first answer, it’s like yes, he died for us, he went through tortures for us, he endured a lot of suffering, and he took our sins to the cross.

That’s a lot of love. But as true as that is, it was revealed more in the Resurrection. And here’s why. On the Cross all that really reveals by itself is that Jesus ticked off the Pharisees. Jesus upset the religious leaders of the day so much that they killed him. End of story. That’s all it really reveals, if we don’t also know about the Resurrection and believe that it’s true. In the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead God revealed his power which makes all that happened on the Cross valid and active in our lives today, real for us, bringing us to Heaven.

The power of God is what brings people to Heaven. The power of God is God revealing his love for us in the best most clear possible way

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