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In Acts 9:32-35, we see one of many examples in scripture of miraculous healings that resulted in people converting to Christ Jesus. Today, God still wants to convert people by providing his love through supernatural power, because this convinces people that Jesus is real.

How fully do you really believe God’s Word? This is the 9th video in a series about living the Christian life fully, complete with miracles and supernatural joy.

The Transcript

Which reveals the love of God more, Jesus dying on the Cross or the Resurrection? Let’s look at this. Jesus dying on the Cross, that’s usually our first answer, it’s like yes, he died for us, he went through tortures for us, he endured a lot of suffering, and he took our sins to the cross.

That’s a lot of love. But as true as that is, it was revealed more in the Resurrection. And here’s why. On the Cross all that really reveals by itself is that Jesus ticked off the Pharisees. Jesus upset the religious leaders of the day so much that they killed him. End of story. That’s all it really reveals, if we don’t also know about the Resurrection and believe that it’s true. In the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead God revealed his power which makes all that happened on the Cross valid and active in our lives today, real for us, bringing us to Heaven.

The power of God is what brings people to Heaven. The power of God is God revealing his love for us in the best most clear possible way. Let me read to you from the 9th chapter of Acts: “As Peter was passing through every region he went down to the holy ones living in Lydda. There he found a man named Aeneas who had been confined to bed for eight years for he was paralysed. Peter said to him, ‘Aeneas Jesus Christ heals you.’ There is the revealing of God’s power, the proclaiming of God’s power. Get up and make your bed. There is the word of take action based on this power. Or let me put it another way, take action based on this love that God has for you.

Peter said to him, ‘Anaeas Jesus Christ heals you, get up and make your bed.’ And what happens? The man who had been paralyzed got up at once and all the inhabitants of Lydda and Sharon, another town, not just the one town where Peter did this, saw him, that man who had been  paralyzed now healed, and they turned to the Lord”. They turned to the Lord. It is when the power of God is revealed to people that they turn to the Lord. We in the Church have not been revealing the love of God in the power of God.

We’ve created a culture for decades of “God is love” therefore, this is how the world has adapted this message, and we have contributed to this greatly within the Church: “Because the Lord loves he forgives. It doesn’t matter how I sinned God understands, God forgives. I’ll still be able to go to Heaven.” That’s not the truth. The truth we need to be teaching, the truth that you, now that you’re hearing this, need to be spreading, share this video that’s an easy way to spread this message, but speak it from your own life as well, live it in your own life, share it in your own life.

The truth that the world needs to hear is this: “God loves us so much that he wants to use his power to help us”. Not just to get us to Heaven but to help us now, here, in this life, just like Peter was able to heal through Jesus that paralyzed man and many turn to Christ because of it. We need to be God’s instruments of healing. We need to be God’s instruments of power in this world today, because God’s power is God’s love. God’s love is revealed through his power. Conversion happens through understanding that God really cares and people grasp onto that when they know that God’s power will work in their lives.

If you’re a parent you know how this works. When we have a child who gets a boo-boo, a skinned knee falling off his bicycle. What do we do? Do we say, “It’s okay. It’ll heal. Just go ahead and wash it. It’ll take time to heal but it’ll heal. You’ll be all right.” No. We go, we kiss the boo-boo, we embrace the child we clean off the wound ourselves. We put a bandaid on it. We put Neosporin or some other antibiotic on it, in order to heal the wound faster. And we’re not better than God as a parent.

God the Father wants to do the same with us, but we his children, this is how we act, “Oh that’s okay God. It’s okay. I’ll clean this boo-boo myself. What I’m suffering from I’ll take care of it. I can handle it.” Or, “I can learn to cope with it. I can deal with it because I don’t really think that you care enough to kiss my boo-boo… okay, so maybe a kiss my booboo but I still got to go to the doctor if I need stiches. You’re not going to miraculously heal it.” And God does use doctors and work through doctors, but he also uses miracles, he doesn’t use doctors exclusively. That’s his desire because who’s converted to Christ by us going to a doctor for a healing?

On the other hand when we get a miraculous healing we need to proclaim it because that’s when people turn to Christ. Yes, go to the doctor, but first pray and before that, learn how to pray with faith. And here’s how to begin doing that. Every day pray: “Lord, Holy Spirit come. You have my permission to change me, refresh me, fill me anew with your Holy Spirit as by a new Pentecost. Fill me, Holy Spirit and increase in me, Holy Spirit, the gift of faith for miracles. Increase in me the gift of faith to reveal your power in this world, your power that reveals your love. Amen.

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