Holy Mass – Part 1: The Beginning

Catholic Mass

The Beginning of Mass: How personal is your relationship with Jesus during Mass? The entire Catholic liturgy is an encounter with the True Presence of Christ, and it should change us: We should be healed by it. We should feel loved and become more fully loving as a result of […] Read More

Part 2: The Unifying Gift of the Penitential Rite

The Penitential Rite: Why is the Penitential Rite so important that we cannot celebrate Mass without it? DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT: Next: Part 3: The Soul-lifting Gloria >> Did you miss anything? Start at Part One? >> The Catholic Mass is a celebration of our union with God the Father, God […] Read More

Part 3 about Catholic Mass: The Soul-lifting Gloria

The Gloria: The timing of the Gloria during the Catholic Mass is important. It comes immediately after the Penitential Rite for a reason. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT: Next: Part 4: The Life-Changing Liturgy of the Word >> Did you miss anything? Start at Part One >> We sing our praises to […] Read More

Part 4: The Life-Changing Liturgy of the Word

The Liturgy of the Word: It’s important to really have an open mind and heart and to really listen to what God wants to say to us throughout the Holy Mass. He speaks most clearly during the Liturgy of the Word. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT: Next: Part 5: The Creed of […] Read More

Part 5 of Holy Mass: The Creed of True Belief

The  Creed: When we proclaim our faith out loud, the devil hears us and knows he has been defeated. This is one reason why we recite the Creed during Mass and why it’s important to not be silent but to pay close attention to the words of the Creed and […] Read More

Part 6: The Offertory Miracle of Multiplication

The Offeratory: During the Offertory, we are offering back to God the gifts and blessings that he has given to us. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT: Next: Part 7: The Eucharistic Pregnancy >> Did you miss anything? Start at Part One? >> In thanksgiving, we give God the gift of money to […] Read More

Part 7 on the Holy Mass: The Eucharistic Pregnancy

WHEN DOES THE BREAD AND WINE BECOME JESUS? The Eucharistic Prayers of the Mass bring us to the source and the summit of our faith. This is when we receive what we need to live the holy, make a difference in the world and experience the miracles that faith is […] Read More

Part 8: The Eucharistic Experience of Heaven

THE COMMUNION RITE: In this episode, Terry Modica covers the apostolic succession that makes it possible for bread and wine to become the body and blood of Jesus, why Jesus called his blood the new and everlasting covenant, and the dialog we have with Jesus as we receive him. Listen […] Read More

Part 9: The Way of the Eucharist is Out the Door

THE FINAL BLESSING: What do you think is the high point of the Mass? What is the high point for you? Is it when you received forgiveness in the penitential rite? Is it when you received Jesus in the Eucharist? Or is it the final blessing of the Mass? DOWNLOAD […] Read More