How I met the Holy Spirit

How I met the Holy Spirit

Want to know how to receive the Holy Spirit more fully? Here is my personal story about how I met the Holy Spirit. As a child I knew Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Best Friend, but I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. I found out the hard […] Read More

The Holy Spirit is the Remedy for a Suffering Church

This episode was motivated by a burden I feel whenever someone tells me that they are suffering because of what a priest has done — and here we are not talking about the sexual abuse of minors and the horrific cover-ups by the hierarchy. There are other types of sufferings, […] Read More

3 ways to un-stifle the Spirit

Here’s a secret the devil does not want you to know — why he wants to stifle your relationship with the Holy Spirit. He’s afraid of what you will do! It’s time we reclaimed what is rightfully ours as followers of Christ: a faith that works miracles. A faith that […] Read More

God the Advocate is defending you

Do you feel like you’re on trial? Is someone misjudging you? In this podcast episode, Terry Modica unpacks 8 scriptures to assure you that God is defending you. Jesus said that he would give his Holy Spirit to us to be our Advocate. But before the Holy Spirit, Jesus was […] Read More