The Hidden Value of Persistent Prayer

What yearning do you have that you’ve been covering in prayer for a very long time? Should you quit praying it, as a sign of your trust in God? No, Jesus says we should persist in it. Faith means persistent prayer. Why? The answer is in Luke 18 and Luke […] Read More

Prayer That Works: The Power of Thanksgiving

Do you know the value of thanksgiving in your prayers? We all have times when we’re praying for God to deliver us from a difficult situation. When we add thanksgiving to our prayer requests, we conquer fears and overcome worries. This video explains how and why thankfulness is so important. […] Read More

Prayer that Improves Your Connection to God

How intentional are your prayers? Do you pay attention, in other words, to the words that you pray? Especially during the words of prayers that we say over and over again. How we pray can mislead our subconscious into wrong assumptions about God. This affects our prayer life, our faith, […] Read More

Need God’s Power? Here’s the Hidden Key!

What joy are you hoping for and you’re just not getting it? What awareness of love from God do you need and it’s just not coming? If there’s been something that, for a long time, you need from God and you’re not getting it, it’s not His fault. The power […] Read More

To Pray As Mary Prayed

What’s the most powerful way we can pray? Mary the Mother of God set the example. Watch this video to find out what the bible shows us about how Mary prayed. She’s our best example of how to truly pray in a way that makes a difference, in a way […] Read More