Meditate While Walking Through The Woods

Meditate while you relax on this hour-long walk through the woods where Good News Ministries is located. Stressed out? Imagine yourself strolling with Jesus. Bookmark this video and return to it whenever you need a break. Or when you want to meditate on something visual during contemplative prayer. You can […] Read More

Take a Break, Walk with Jesus

Take a break from stress. Walk with Jesus on trails outside the office of Good News Ministries. He has something to say to you. Need more time alone with Jesus? Watch our video called “See Jesus Smiling at You” >> More from Good News Ministries Enjoy more meditation videos. Use […] Read More

Here I Am Lord, Your Beloved Child

Beloved child, know that Jesus has noticed your needs. Trust God to do in you what you cannot do for yourself. Jesus wants to help you break through barriers and make a difference in this world.    More from Good News Ministries Enjoy more meditation videos. Use these music-only […] Read More

God’s Creation: You!

Do you feel ugly? Devalued? Treated like dirt? God’s creation is always beautiful, reflecting the beauty of his own soul. And you are one of his creations! Take a minute to meditate on this. (Photos by Terry Modica.)    More from Good News Ministries Enjoy more meditation videos. Use these […] Read More

Psalm 23: On Restful Waters

Are you weary? Tired from a long journey through trials and difficulties? Use this music video meditation for a private, at-home retreat because “on restful waters He restores my soul” (from Psalm 23). This video can also be used for a retreat at church in RCIA, or for a bereavement […] Read More

Basilicas and Saints of Rome

Rome has hundreds of churches (around 900 if you count shrines that are not parishes as well as non-Catholic churches). Many have relics of Saints and objects from the life of Jesus, and original icons. This slide show is a virtual tour of just a few of these holy places. […] Read More

Sites of Saint Paul in Rome

Meditate with a slideshow of scenes in Rome of places that are associated with the Apostle Paul: Le Tre Fontane where Saint Paul was marytred, and the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, which is one of 4 papal basilicas and is the location of St. Paul’s tomb. (This […] Read More

Tre Fontane – Site of Saint Paul’s Martyrdom

Terry Modica gives you a tour of the place in Rome where Saint Paul was martyred. It’s a very peaceful place! Listen to the birds as you meditate on God’s calling for your life, or on the value of being persecuted, or whatever the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. […] Read More

Our Lady of Miracles Virtual Shrine for Prayer & Meditation

Our Lady of Miracles invites you to come to the Virtual Marian Shrine of Good News Ministries. Entrust your prayers to Jesus through the loving partnership of Mary, our Blessed Mother. Use this video and the music in it as a background for your Christian meditations while you watch the […] Read More