How to Experience God’s Loving Fatherhood

Boy on father's shoulders

The Father is the Person of the Holy Trinity who’s most difficult to have a close relationship with. He’s the one who punishes us. He expects perfection. Right? Wrong! We need healing in our idea of his Fatherhood. Doesn’t it seem like the Father is the hardest Person of the […] Read More

Do you know how much the Father loves you?

Do you know how much your Father God loves you? Really, really, really loves you? Usually we don’t know that, because we project onto God the way human fathers have been, the way authority figures have been, the human failings that we’ve witnessed. Do you think God is disapproving of […] Read More

Loving the Gem Inside Difficult People

Within each of us is a beautiful gem. Even in difficult people. This gem is sometimes buried and difficult to see. God showed it to me. In this video learn how to see others as Christ sees them, for a faith that’s fully alive. Video Excerpt: There are times when […] Read More

Jesus Cares (Matthew 12:1-8)

Terry Modica tells the story of a miracle that Saint Joseph provided for her family, and then she explains how much Jesus cares about us, using Matthew 12:1-8 and Isaiah 38:6. (In English with Spanish translator.) Filmed in the remote village of San José in Panama during a mission trip, […] Read More

Decoding Your Deeper Goodness

Feeling low about yourself? Using the dialog between Jesus and the rich young man in Matthew 19, let’s explore the goodness that’s within you! This scripture about the rich young man isn’t really about giving up all our possessions. Find out what Jesus is really saying!  Video Excerpt: Let’s […] Read More

The Power of Hope

What are you hoping for? Do you know the difference between wishful thinking and hope? Here’s how to build up your faith as you pray! This video reflection about The Power of Hope comes from what I’ve learned during trials that seemed hopeless. It was filmed on the balcony of […] Read More

Four Types of Friends

The story in Mark 2 about the healing of the paralytic, who was lowered through the roof to Jesus by four friends, illustrates the need we all have for friends. Terry Modica describes the four personality types that bring out the best in us. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT Video Excerpt: Today […] Read More

The Miracle of the Magnificat

Make the Magnificat prayer of Mary the Blessed Mother of Christ into your own prayer, especially when life is most difficult. This is one of Terry’s first video-teachings. Video Excerpt: Who is it that you’ve been praying for? Or what have you been praying for that doesn’t seem to have […] Read More

The Power To Overcome Darkness In The World

Do we really have any power to overcome darkness in the world? Or will darkness continue overcoming the world? Or what about a bad situation in your life?  Maybe you feel despair or hopelessness about it, you’re believing a lie. Here’s the truth! Video Excerpt: I’d like to give you […] Read More

Leap Forward In Faith

While we’re waiting on God to answer our prayers, we often become our own worst enemies by thinking that we have to retreat to our comfort zones instead of boldly trusting in God. God’s solutions to our problems are usually not in our comfort zones. Here’s how to become successful […] Read More