A Word of Encouragement during Lockdown

God hears your cries as you suffer. Are you distressed by not being able to receive the Sacraments because of the COVID-19 lockdown? Jesus is coming to you in a special way, with a supernatural grace, through the Word he provides to you through daily Mass — even if you […] Read More

Luke 9:28-36 – The Transfiguration of Jesus

In Luke 9, the Transfiguration of Jesus, we see Him reveal the uncreated light of his true identity and we hear the Father say, “This is my chosen Son; Listen to Him.” We experience Christ’s deepest identity every time we listen to him and allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten […] Read More

What Are God’s Dreams For You?

The key to successful Christian living is know the answer to: “How important am I, and why? What’s my purpose?” What are your dreams? What are God’s dreams for you? In this video, Terry Modica will help you figure that out. Consider: What impassions you? What energizes you? You have […] Read More

The Hidden Key to Miraculous Healing

Want to know the hidden key to receiving miraculous healing? Here’s what I discovered after my knee became chronically painful. It’s not really about finding relief from pain. The miracle of healing is a bonus, a secondary benefit. There’s something much more important that God wants to give you. Video […] Read More

Loving the Gem Inside Difficult People

Within each of us is a beautiful gem. Even in difficult people. This gem is sometimes buried and difficult to see. God showed it to me. In this video learn how to see others as Christ sees them, for a faith that’s fully alive.  Video Excerpt: There are times […] Read More

Do you know how much the Father loves you?

Do you know how much your Father God loves you? Really, really, really loves you? Usually we don’t know that, because we project onto God the way human fathers have been, the way authority figures have been, the human failings that we’ve witnessed. Do you think God is disapproving of […] Read More

How To Move Truth From The Head To The Heart

We need to move truth learned from the head to the heart otherwise it’s only head knowledge. When truths are moved to the heart, there we trust it. We don’t like to act on a truth unless we first understand it, and understanding comes from the heart. Here’s a simple […] Read More

How To Sow Seeds Of God’s Abundance

What does the Parable of Sowing Seeds (Matthew 13) tell us about God’s character? And about our calling as Christians? When we see the farmer (God) sow seeds even on bad soil, it seems to contradict Jesus’ command to not cast our pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). Let’s take a […] Read More

How To See The Unseen

We are sometimes hindered in being able to see the unseen or what’s really going on behind the scenes of our life. What problems are you facing right now? What is stressing you out? There is always more than what we can see about our situations, and that more is […] Read More

The Power To Overcome Darkness In The World

Do we really have any power to overcome darkness in the world? Or will darkness continue overcoming the world? Or what about a bad situation in your life?  Maybe you feel despair or hopelessness about it, you’re believing a lie. Here’s the truth! Video Excerpt: I’d like to give you […] Read More