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Make the Magnificat prayer of Mary the Blessed Mother of Christ into your own prayer, especially when life is most difficult.

This is one of Terry’s first video-teachings.

Video Excerpt:

Who is it that you’ve been praying for? Or what have you been praying for that doesn’t seem to have an answer, that God doesn’t seem to be doing anything about? What suffering are you in that you’re praying would come to an end, and it seems like you don’t have enough faith? Has the question crossed your mind that maybe there’s something wrong with you in regards to why the prayer is not getting answered?

I want you to know something there is nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing wrong with God and it’s not about what flaws are in your relationship with God. It’s not about what’s wrong. I want to invite you to look at this from a different perspective, and I want to use Mary the Blessed Mother of Christ as our example.

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