The Strangest Year of My Life

Terry Modica talks about the strangest year of her life and what it means

What happens when trusting God is stretched beyond endurance? After 13 months of unusual hardships, I’m finally back strong enough to share what I learned. Find out what the strangest year of my life could mean for you and for my ministry. Video Excerpt: As you can see, the walls […] Read More


Lyn Liff talks about blessings

Here are stories that members of Good News Ministries want to share with you about how their lives have been blessed by Jesus Christ. As you listen to the blessings they received, think about the blessings you have received from Jesus. Please share them in the comments box below. We […] Read More

Why Do You Believe?

“Why do you believe that the Good News about Jesus needs to be spread throughout the world?” Hear the inspiring answers by seven members of Good News Ministries. Thank you, Carlos Ribero, Tracy Pham, Lyn Liff, Jim Scofield, Annabelle Williams, Tony Oquias, and Mary Reichel for sharing what you believe […] Read More

Celebrating Our Growth (2011 Event)


Celebrating our growth with you! Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay held Open House on April 9, 2011, in our new office suite and seminar room. Share in our joy! Celebrate our growth with us and thank God for the many generous donors who made this possible. This short video […] Read More

Founders describe how Good News Ministries began


Terry and Ralph Modica are founders of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay. They describe how they were inspired by God to start and continue this ministry. In this video, they discuss their roles as President of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. This […] Read More