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What happens when trusting God is stretched beyond endurance? After 13 months of unusual hardships, I’m finally back strong enough to share what I learned. Find out what the strangest year of my life could mean for you and for my ministry.

Video Excerpt:

As you can see, the walls behind me are unfortunately blank. My husband and I painted it this color to bring some new energy to our lives, and into my work life after going through some pretty tough times — but the tough times continued and we didn’t get as far as actually hanging up pictures. And there are some beautiful pictures that friends of Good News Ministries (pictures that some of you listening to this actually made, painted, designed for us), and I’m eager to put them up on the wall because I’m eager to feel connected to you. And every day I feel connected to Jesus by looking at the artwork for Jesus that people who love Good News Ministries have provided.
The year that I’ve been through — the 13 months, and it’s not over yet but things are getting better, and I’m finally finally up to being able to to make a video. That’s how bad it’s been. I’ve not had the energy and the brain power to make a video in many months. But I wanted to share with you something that I learned during my hardships that I think will help you, too, because — who hasn’t been going through very tough times now?

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