Sneak Attack: Rebuking the Devil – Part 1

Is the devil real? Many believe that evil is created by people making bad choices, and this leaves us vulnerable to being tricked by demons. Your host Terry Modica shares her story of how she was tricked into turning away from Christ by getting involved with the demons of the […] Read More

Exposé of Satanic Plans: Rebuking the Devil – Part 2

In this exposé of the satanic plans and generational strategy of Satan worshipers, I share what I learned from a satanist high priest who converted to Christ. This episode exposes the agenda of Satan worshipers and their methods of satanic infiltration to influence our society and even our churches in […] Read More

Hidden Saints: Rebuking the Devil – Part 3

When we are not aware of what the Holy Spirit wants to do through us, Satan keeps other people from finding the kingdom of God. Pope Francis said, “There are terrible, terrible, terrible things in the world, and this is the devil’s work against God. But there are holy things, […] Read More

The Devil’s Snares in the Church: Rebuking the Devil – Part 4

Pope Francis points out that “snares are one of the strategies of the devil.” What is a snare? How do good people unwittingly walk into the devil’s snares and get trapped? Terry Modica shares the story of how the priest who as the first chaplain of Good News Ministries got […] Read More

Casting the Devil from the Church: Rebuking the Devil – Part 5

What is the devil doing now in the Church? And what can we do about it? Are we capable of casting the devil from the Church? In this episode, Terry Modica talks about the heresies and divisiveness of the German bishops and the Amazon Synod. We are at a crucial […] Read More

Make the Devil flee from you: Rebuke the Devil – Part 6

What are the weapons for making the devil flee from you that Jesus has placed in your hands? With the humble power of prayer, we can do much. The Sacraments give us supernatural graces that conquer the devil. Here’s how to free yourself from the ways the devil has been […] Read More

Jesus vs. Demons in the Vatican

Jesus is shedding his holy light on the demonic activities in the Church to expose it, because he’s saying, “Enough is enough! I’m about to do something that is going to change the Church from within because the Devil has been trying ruin the Church from within” — from the […] Read More