Exposé of Satanic Plans: Rebuking the Devil – Part 2

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In this exposé of the infiltration plans of Satan worshipers, I share what I learned from a Satanist high priest who converted to Christ. This episode exposes the agenda of Satan worshipers and their methods of satanic infiltration to influence our society and even our churches in order to destroy us from within. This is an episode that no one should miss as I continue on the topic of why there is so much evil in today’s world.

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Exposé of the plans of Satan worshipers


This series uses the book Rebuking the Devil by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops about Pope Francis’ teachings on defeating Satan. The book can be ordered from the USCCB at store.usccb.org/rebuking-the-devil-p/7-608.htm or from Amazon at smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1601376081 (US residents, please choose Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay for the charity your purchase supports at AmazonSmile).

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