From the Cross to Easter Joy in Daily Life

Jesus resurrected

The doorway into Heaven is the Cross. The season of Lent is a journey of the Cross, and the celebration of Easter — deep within our hearts, deep within our needs, within our desires – is meant to be a foretaste of Heaven.  During Lent or any time when […] Read More

The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

See and meditate on Christ’s love for you! This version of the Way of the Cross connects our own lives to the sacrifice Jesus made for us. The video contains works of art created by people around the world. Each one is a different style to represent the globalness and […] Read More

WHAT’S TIED UP IN YOUR LIFE? (Luke 19:28-40)

Jesus sacrificed his comfort and his body and blood to take the punishment that we deserve for our sins. In this video reflection on Luke 19: 28-40, we ask: Why do you think the Gospel writer spent time explaining how Jesus obtained the colt for his ride into Jerusalem? The […] Read More


The Gospel reading John 8:1-11 shows us a good example of how to treat someone who is, as Jesus says elsewhere in scripture (Matthew 25) “the least of these.” The recipient of Christ’s compassion in this story was considered to be unworthy of life itself. She was first of all […] Read More


Who is worthy to receive the love and unconditional forgiveness of God? During every Mass, we pray, “Lord, I am not worthy… but say the Word and my soul shall be healed.” Jesus illustrates in Luke 15:1-32 that we are all worthy, but not because of what we do — […] Read More

Mercy: How It Helps Evil-Doers (Luke 13:1-9)

Luke 13:1-9

How do you feel when someone who’s been hurtful, cruel, or morally corrupt gets hit with a hardship that makes them suffer? Our natural tendency is to rejoice because justice has finally been meted out. Jesus addresses this in Luke 13:1-9. Evil-doers are children of God living in ignorance of […] Read More


In Luke 9, the Transfiguration of Jesus, we see Jesus reveal the uncreated light of his true identity and we hear the Father say, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” We experience Christ’s deepest identity every time we listen to him and allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten […] Read More


Jesus’ life is our life if we’re sincere about our faith. We unite ourselves to him by receiving his body and blood in the Eucharist. We meet him in the scriptures and walk with him on the path to heaven. During Lent, the readings that the Church provides for Sunday […] Read More

What’s the Value of Sacrifices?

sacrifices made by Saints who follow the Cross

In this video reflection, Terry Modica examines how our sacrifices make a difference beyond our own lives when we have true solidarity with the Passion of Christ. Think about why we make sacrifices. Is it because we think it’s the right thing to do and it’s going to help us […] Read More