Be Filled with Joy by Hearing the Holy Spirit

How much joy do you have in your prayer? Do you pray with the Spirit of Joy? Did you know that in hearing the Holy Spirit, you are listening to God dialoging with your inner spirit all the time, every day? Here’s the secret to recognizing this conversation and benefiting […] Read More

How To Hear The Holy Spirit (Intro)

Do you hear God speaking to you though the Holy Spirit? How do you know it’s not just your imagination? In this video course, available on our Paracletia website, you’ll become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you can have more […] Read More

Living In The Power Of The Holy Spirit (Intro)

The video course “Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit” is about activating the fullness of the Holy Spirit we received when we are baptized. In today’s world, we face many challenges and evil forces that threaten our joy and inner peace, and so we need to release the […] Read More

Lord, Send Out Your Spirit

Do you want the Lord to send out his Spirit upon you? Here is a music meditation for the Easter Vigil, Confirmation, Pentecost or any time you want to reflect on the Holy Spirit’s role in your life or share with others the inspiration of life in the Holy Spirit. […] Read More