Testimony of Joy with Jesus: Carolyn Liff

Carolyn Liff shares how she grew closer to Jesus after the COVID-19 pandemic locked down her church and she could no longer receive Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Her discovery increased her joy with Jesus. “When I was at Mass in mid-March, the priest announced that that […] Read More

Meet Terry’s brother, Motorcycle Evangelist Kurt Repsher

Kurt and Sue Repsher

Listen in on the lively discussion between Footsteps to Heaven podcast show host Terry Modica and her brother, Kurt Repsher, who leads people to Christ with his wife Sue at motorcycle rallies and in the motorcycle safety training classes he teaches. He’s a great example of how to make opportunities […] Read More

How Jesus Rescued Me

Each Christian has their own story of how Jesus rescued them. Terry Modica grew up knowing Jesus since her earliest days and she wondered why the miracles she read about in the Bible don’t happen today. That started her on a search for the supernatural; she became involved in the […] Read More

Ministry Testimony: Patrick Campbell

When Patrick Campbell was a young boy, he wanted to grow up to be Batman. Here the testimony of how his dream came true as the founder of The Cross of St. Benedict. His ministry prays for the healing of families and fights off the powers of darkness. Patrick and […] Read More

Ministry Testimony: Christian Galvan

Christian Galvan, raised in St. Stephen Catholic Church in Valrico, Florida, explained in 2017 how discovering the joy of doing ministry led him to enter seminary to become a priest. In this video, he also inspires every listener to discover the joy of their own calling. Christian Galvin was happily […] Read More

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelization

Here’s Terry Modica’s personal testimony about how she became Catholic, how Good News Ministries has grown because of the Holy Spirit, and how she became connected with the Paulist Fathers. This video is an opportunity to recognize how the Holy Spirit has acted in your own life. Filmed during the […] Read More