Each Christian has their own story of how Jesus rescued them. Terry Modica grew up knowing Jesus since her earliest days and she wondered why the miracles she read about in the Bible don’t happen today. That started her on a search for the supernatural; she became involved in the occult. she no longer believed that she needed Jesus. But Jesus rescued her from that darkness. This video tells the story of how he did that.

Video Excerpt:

Think of somebody that you know who is caught up in the contamination of darkness, this world’s infections, the lies, the slavery of sin demonic strongholds even. Bring to mind the person that you’ve been praying for who is caught up in darkness and needs to be rescued by Jesus Christ, because I’d like my story to be a source of hope for you and inspiration for your prayer life because of what Jesus did for me

When I was a teenager I got involved in the occult. This was after growing up with Jesus as my best friend. I wasn’t Catholic but in my Protestant upbringing Jesus was truly a powerful force in my life. I gave my life to Jesus at such an early age I can’t even remember not knowing him.

But I was seeking the supernatural because I read Bible stories or in Sunday school hear the Bible stories of the miracles that took place and I thought, “Where are the miracles today? There’s got to be miracles today!”

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