Here is the ministry testimony of Patrick Campbell, founder of The Cross of St. Benedict  sharing his story of how he became Batman. His ministry prays for the healing of families. Patrick Campbell and his family make beautiful crosses of St. Benedict as a powerful spiritual warfare weapon. For more information, go to


When I was five years old, all the kids would gather around in the family reunions
and they would ask us what we wanted to be, and while everyone else was saying
they wanted to be presidents and lawyers and doctors and astronauts, I would always say the same thing, and that would be: Batman.

And everybody would laugh. I asked my parents: “Why is everyone laughing?” They said: “You can’t be Batman.” And I said: “Why?” They said: “Well, you just can’t.” And I was like: “Why can this guy be a president and that guy can be an astronaut and I can’t be Batman?”

So I went to my room and I cried. I had a prayer to God, and I said: “Lord, when I grow up, if I could be anything, I want to be Your superhero, I want to be Batman for You.”

So fast-forward. Forty years later, I have nine kids.

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