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Listen in on the lively discussion between Footsteps to Heaven podcast show host Terry Modica and her brother, Kurt Repsher, who leads people to Christ with his wife Sue at motorcycle rallies and in the motorcycle safety training classes he teaches. He’s a great example of how to make opportunities to evangelize.

Kurt Repsher and Terry ModicaKurt Repsher has some really neat stories that I want you to hear. One of the things that I admire about my brother, and what makes me excited to have him on this podcast episode, is that he is really, really into sharing the love of Jesus with others and helping people discover that Jesus loves them and cares about them.

He rides a motorcycle, but he best of all teaches others how to ride safely — and best of all, more than that, he uses that as an opportunity to help people find the love of Christ.

Kurt Repsher’s mission statement:

To make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by offering high quality Christ-centered rider training. In today’s age of high-horsepower hyper-sport bikes, large-displacement cruisers and “land yacht” tourers, good riding skills are more important than ever to help ensure safe, enjoyable motorcycling. At ASC-RTS, we provide a bridge between the popular entry level courses, and the kind of training given at a typical track-day by offering a touring experience that includes specific, targeted training and exercises. We have the solution for those seasoned riders who feel “caught in the middle”, as well as those riders who are interested in breaking into the world of track days with a tenured, skilled instructor. At ASC-RTS, we believe that nearly all traffic accidents can be avoided by using correct skills, techniques, and judgment.

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