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How much joy do you have in your prayer? Do you pray with the Spirit of Joy? Did you know that in hearing the Holy Spirit, you are listening to God dialoging with your inner spirit all the time, every day? Here’s the secret to recognizing this conversation and benefiting from it so that all your prayers can be filled with joy.

This is one of the first videos ever made by Terry Modica, and it’s always been the most popular.

Video Excerpt:

Hopefully you’re praying at the beginning of every day, offering that day up to the Lord, asking God to bless your day, asking God to be in charge of your day, asking God to be in charge of the timing of everything that happens in your day, surrounding yourself with angels for the day, and so on. But is there joy in the relationship you have with God? If you can start the day with a joyful prayer, imagine how much more joy-filled that day will be! …

Hopefully you are doing something that’s conversational with God, which means being able to hear God responding back, which means being in a state of deep connection with God. It means being able to sit quietly not just telling him all your concerns (which is good), telling him everything that you’re lifting up in prayer, and everybody you’re interceding for. But it also needs to be a quiet time where God can speak to your heart, where God can speak to your mind using the gift of your imagination.

The conversation is always two-way, whether we hear his side of it or not. Our spirit is always hearing it, by the way, even if our minds or our hearts are not hearing it. Somewhere deep inside our spirits, where the Holy Spirit lives because of our baptisms, our spirit is hearing God’s side of the conversation. And the more spiritual we become, the more we get into our faith life and into the depths of our spirits, the more we will be able to know what the Lord is speaking to our spirits.

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