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Feeling low about yourself? Using the dialog between Jesus and the rich young man in Matthew 19, let’s explore the goodness that’s within you! This scripture about the rich young man isn’t really about giving up all our possessions. Find out what Jesus is really saying!

Video Excerpt:

Let’s take a look at a scripture that is confusing for many people, or misleading, or troublesome: the story of the rich young man. Matthew 19, starting with verse16.

Someone approached Jesus and said, Teacher, what good must I do to gain eternal life.” Jesus answered him (and here’s the first of the puzzles that we need to decode), “Why do you ask me about the good? There is only one who is good.”

I’ve always wondered, is that an insult? Is Jesus saying that everything you think is goodness in you isn’t really good? Is he saying, “How do you know I’m good? How do you know I’m God?” I mean, there’s the implication in there that Jesus is challenging him to look at him as more than just a teacher but as the divine God himself, the Messiah.

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