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In Luke 9, the Transfiguration of Jesus, we see Jesus reveal the uncreated light of his true identity and we hear the Father say, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

We experience Christ’s deepest identity every time we listen to him and allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding of his words and guidance.

By listening to him, we let his uncreated light consume the darkness that still lingers within us. Then, the people around us experience more of him, because they meet him in us — in our actions, in our compassion, in our forgiveness, etc. This is evangelization!

Lent is a time of concentrating on our need for Christ to shed his light into our areas of darkness. When we let Jesus enlighten us so that we repent (which means change), seeking and receiving forgiveness and the Holy Spirit’s power to change, we become more like Christ. We shine more brilliantly with him. And we enter more fully into his ministry of redeeming the world. Although there is suffering in this ministry, we know that the pain of Good Friday is always followed by the victory of Easter.

It’s in the trials and sacrifices of life — our own crucifixions — where our holiness changes the world. Do we dare follow Jesus all the way to Calvary? It’s the only way to get to Easter! Our trials are his blood being shed again. Our pains are his pains. We’re already on the cross with Jesus! So why not embrace this extreme intimacy with him for the sake of those who’ve scourged us and betrayed us?

By loving those who don’t love us, forgiving those who mistreat us, and working hard to replace evil with the kingdom of God, we reveal the light of Christ to those who live in darkness.

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