Pope Francis points out that “snares are one of the strategies of the devil.” What is a snare? How do good people unwittingly walk into the devil’s snares and get trapped? Terry Modica shares the story of how the priest who as the first chaplain of Good News Ministries got ensnared by alcoholism and why this eventually destroyed his ministry. She then explains how snares are why the Church is suffering from bishops who have been perpetuating abuses, and why the Church in Germany is pulling away from the authority of the Vatican. Finally, she explains the most important help that God provides for escaping snares.


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This series uses the book Rebuking the Devil by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops about Pope Francis’ teachings on defeating Satan. The book can be ordered from the USCCB at store.usccb.org/rebuking-the-devil-p/7-608.htm or from Amazon at smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1601376081 (US residents, please choose Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay for the charity your purchase supports at AmazonSmile).

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