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The story in Mark 2 about the healing of the paralytic, who was lowered through the roof to Jesus by four friends, illustrates the need we all have for friends. Terry Modica describes the four personality types that bring out the best in us.


Video Excerpt:

Today I’m thinking about what happened to the paralytic who had four friends who lowered him through the roof of the home where Jesus was staying, so that he could be healed.

What I find interesting about this scripture, it’s those four men who lowered the paralytic through the roof. I think about how we in our society today, in our world today, have become very individualistic. We prefer to be able to handle things on our own, and I believe this is contrary to what God intended and what scripture shows us in this example. It took four men — four friends — to lower this man to where he could be healed by Jesus. I asked the Lord, as I was contemplating on the scripture earlier today, why four? Is there anything to be gained from looking at the number of friends this paralytic had?

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