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Do we really have any power to overcome darkness in the world? Or will darkness continue overcoming the world? Or what about a bad situation in your life?  Maybe you feel despair or hopelessness about it, you’re believing a lie. Here’s the truth!

Video Excerpt:

I’d like to give you a word of encouragement for those situations that seem impossibly dark, where darkness is overcoming something in your life and has been for a while. Also think about the darkness that’s in the world. Doesn’t it seem like darkness is spreading, growing in our societies?

Well, the fact is, there’s a lie that we’re all believing. If we are feeling despair, if we are feeling hopeless, we are believing this lie. The lie of darkness is that darkness is stronger than light, that evil is stronger than Christ.

Think about your relationship with Jesus. The good news is, if you have united yourself to Christ, right now you have enough light of Christ in you to make a difference, to overcome darkness!

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