Terry Modica tells the story of a miracle that Saint Joseph provided for her family, and then she explains how much Jesus cares about us, using Matthew 12:1-8 and Isaiah 38:6. (In English with Spanish translator.)

Filmed in the remote village of San José in Panama during a mission trip, in 2014.

Video Excerpt:

This is a story that shows how — not just Saint Joseph — but also Jesus cares about us, because Joseph does the will of Jesus. In Matthew 12:1-8 we see Jesus taking care of his disciples. They were hungry. They had a need. So he let them eat the grain even though the laws of the Pharisees said that they should not do the work of pulling the grain off on a Sabbath. He was very concerned about their needs.

Think about: What is your grain? What is your grain of wheat that you need help from Jesus in order to receive it?

In Isaiah 38:6, God says, “I will be a shield to this city.” Jesus is our shield!

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