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What are you hoping for? Do you know the difference between wishful thinking and hope? Here’s how to build up your faith as you pray!

This video reflection about The Power of Hope comes from what I’ve learned during trials that seemed hopeless. It was filmed on the balcony of my new house, where Jesus and I have our morning meditations together. For a long time, building this house seemed hopeless. Therefore, the location for filming this video seems very appropriate.



Video Excerpt:

Let me give you an insight that I’ve learned from my own life, my own prayers, my own struggles. Hope and wishful thinking are two different things.

If we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we have embedded in that relationship hope — because hope comes from the promises of God. Hope comes from knowing that Jesus already gave us the promises and fulfilled the promises….

Wishful thinking says: Here’s my wish list. Here’s what I’d like God (as if he were Santa Claus) to give me. Here’s what will convince me that God cares: If he does X, Y, and Z, and fulfills my prayers the way I ask him to answer my prayers.

But hope is saying: Here’s what I hope for, here’s what I wish for, but it’s up to God how it will come to pass.

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October 1, 2020 8:28 am

Through you, GOD always give me the correct message at the right time.
May God continuous blessing you and this wonderful ministry you are doing for the souls.

Osith D'Souza
February 18, 2023 6:15 am

God Bless You Sis Terry & Bro Ralph🙏