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Have you ever said something important and you were not believed? And you wanted to say, “Just trust me!” That’s how Jesus felt in John Chapter 6 (the Bread of Life discourse).

Video Excerpt:

Jesus wants us to trust him. What is it in your life that makes no sense? What is he asking of you that seems disgusting, that seems illogical? What prayers have you been praying for a long time, and the waiting for God to answer your prayers seems way too long. It doesn’t make sense. Just trust Jesus. He’s got a plan. We don’t know what it is, any more than those disciples knew what his plan was for instituting the Eucharist. Jesus has a plan, and all he asks is that you simply trust. Remember how he said we are to be like little children. They just trust in their parents. Their parents said, “Come on; let’s go.” And the kids follow not knowing where they’re going or why. That’s what we’re to be like. Rest in the fact that Jesus is saying, “Just trust me.”

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