Do you know how much your Father God loves you? Really, really, really loves you? Usually we don’t know that, because we project onto God the way human fathers have been, the way authority figures have been, the human failings that we’ve witnessed. Do you think God is disapproving of your sins? Do you think he is accusing you? The truth might surprise you. To understand God the Father better, watch this video.

Video Excerpt:

To understand God the Father better, think about this: Right now, do you think God the Father is disapproving of your sins? Do you think God the Father is accusing you of being a sinful person?

No. The answer is: He is not! Yes, he is aware of your sins, but as the Book of Revelation tells us, Satan is the Accuser. The devil is the one who accuses us. Not God. God says, “Sin no more.” But why does he say that? He says it because he knows we CAN. God the Father is always encouraging us. His is the voice of hope, the voice of caring, compassion and encouragement, building us up, saying, “You can do it, My child! You can do it!”

But we have doubts about ourselves. It’s the Accuser, Satan, who says you can’t do it. God the Father is saying, “You can do it! With Me, all things are possible, all good things are possible. What do you want to do, My child? What do you want to do with Me? All things are possible! It may take a while, it may be difficult, but you and I together can accomplish great victories. We can do it! You, My child, can do it. I’ve got faith in you,” God the Father is saying.

And why does he have faith in you? Because he has placed his own Spirit within you. Don’t believe what the Devil says. Anything that is negative, any thoughts that come to you that are negative, discouraging, anything that makes you feel inferior is not from God the Father. If you have feelings of inferiority, that is not the truth from Heaven. It is not the same as humility (and we often mix those up). To be humble says, “I can do anything through God who strengthens me, anything that is good, anything that is within the Father’s will, anything that leads to holiness, anything that provides more of the Kingdom into this world, that is God’s heart-desire. That is what God is speaking to you.

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