We need to move truth learned from the head to the heart otherwise it’s only head knowledge. When truths are moved to the heart, there we trust it. We don’t like to act on a truth unless we first understand it, and understanding comes from the heart. Here’s a simple truth about how to move from the head to the heart. (Hint: Matthew 7:24)

Video Excerpt:

Do you ever wonder how to get something you’ve learned about the truth of God’s ways, God’s love — the truth — from your head to your heart? We all struggle with that sometimes. We’ve learned something (we’ve learned a lot of things, haven’t we?) about God’s ways of doing things. We’ve heard it in the scriptures. We’ve heard it at the Catholic Mass in the homilies, in the Church’s teachings. We’ve heard it in many, many places about God’s tremendous love for us and that we can trust him and that we can have peace even in the midst of trials and doubts and we can have joy in the midst of hardships and sufferings. How do we get that down to our heart so that we live it?

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