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What does the Parable of Sowing Seeds (Matthew 13) tell us about God’s character? And about our calling as Christians? When we see the farmer (God) sow seeds even on bad soil, it seems to contradict Jesus’ command to not cast our pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). Let’s take a closer look!

Video Excerpt:

I’d like to share with you a puzzle that I found in Scripture and how the puzzle pieces fit together to reveal something about God’s character and our calling as Christians. You know the parable in Matthew chapter 13 where Jesus tells us that the farmer went about to sow his seeds everywhere, not just in fertile soil but rocky ground where it might take root but only briefly, not very deep and it doesn’t come to fruition; nothing grows from it for very long. Or on the soil, the roadway where birds pick it up and eat it, it’s destroyed right away. This reveals to us that the character of God’s nature is extravagance. He sows his seeds everywhere even when he knows that it’s not going to reach the fertile soil.

What are the seeds? His truths, the truths that we see in Scripture, the truth that the Catholic Church teaches us as it helps us unpack what Scripture is telling us and how to live the Scriptures in our daily lives. The truths of God are scattered everywhere on everyone all around the world, in the hopes that something is going to take root.

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