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Do you know the value of thanksgiving in your prayers? We all have times when we’re praying for God to deliver us from a difficult situation. When we add thanksgiving to our prayer requests, we conquer fears and overcome worries. This video explains how and why thankfulness is so important.




Video Exerpt:

We’re all praying for people that we care about, whose bad situations just seem to be unending. There’s always something to pray for, isn’t there, that seems hopeless, or — we’re just getting tired of asking for it, or wondering if God really cares. We don’t feel like thanks-giving. We don’t feel that there’s anything to be thankful for in those hard times. But there’s power in adding thanksgiving to our prayers.

When we say, for example, “Thank you, Lord,” — for what? That’s where we come up with: “I’m not sure how to add thanksgiving to this prayer.” So, let me share with you what I do. “Thank you, Lord, for allowing this problem to happen in a way that has brought me closer to You, that has brought me to this prayer time.” Or: “Thank you, Lord, that You are here in the midst of this problem, even though I may not know what You’re up to, what you’re doing, how You’re going to solve this problem. Thank You that You are here.” Or: “Thank you, Lord, that You will make good come from this problem, even though I don’t know what that’s going to be, or how it’s going to happen, or — I think I know how that prayer should get answered, but it’s not working out that way. You know what’s best, Lord, and I thank You for that.”

When we make ourselves think of things to be thankful for, this conquers fear. This defeats the fears that diminish the power of our prayers. This also helps us to get in touch with the goodness of God. If you have any problems coming up with reasons to be thankful or a spirit of thanksgiving when you’re praying, here’s a prayer. Join me in this prayer that can help. “Holy Spirit, renew me. Fill me. Renew me with Your Truth. Activate my thoughts, my soul, my emotions, my very being through and through. Activate my life with Your Truth, Holy Spirit. Fill me with Your Truth.” Because it’s in those truths, my friends, that thanksgiving comes.

And with that, the defeat of fear, anxiety, worry, depression, disappointment, and everything else that diminishes the power of prayer. So go forth getting to know the Holy Spirit’s ability to help you raise up your spirit of thanksgiving. And go pray for something now — something that’s been hard to pray for, something that’s been hard to see results for, and add that spirit of thanksgiving and see what a difference it makes. It will make a difference in you immediately, and in the end results, certainly, at some point in time, in God’s perfect timing.

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