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Do you know how to pray with power? Here’s the role of the Holy Spirit in making our prayers supernatural. Normal Christian living is supposed to be like the early Church, as described in the book of Acts.

This video is the introduction to the Paracletia course found at Although the full set of videos is here on the GNM-Media site, there’s more content on the Paracletia site.

Video Excerpt:

Do you have prayer power? Do you have the ability to pray and make a difference? Do you have the ability to pray and see the supernatural? Hi, I’m Terry Modica from Good News Ministries. And the answer to that question is: No you don’t. I don’t either, because only God has that kind of power. We are called to be prayer warriors, to be prayer intercessors. We are called to have a prayer life, because this prayer life connects us to God. We need to have, in order for the supernatural to happen through our prayer life, a close, personal, alive, active relationship with the Holy Spirit….

Take a look at what the Book of Acts says is normal Christian living. What happened in the early Church is meant to be the Church of all time. God doesn’t change. Pay attention to how many times the Holy Spirit’s name comes up in Mass of the Catholic Church, in the scriptures, the prayers of the Church. The Holy Spirit is named very often — all the time because that is key to having a successful and powerful prayer life. So, I pray, in the name of Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit, that you, my friend, will come to know the Holy Spirit more than you ever have before.

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