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How do you know if you’re truly listening to the Holy Spirit? How do you know if the Holy Spirit is truly listening to you? Here’s how to get connected.

The Transcript

One of the most basic questions that most people have about a relationship with the Holy Spirit and their prayer life is, “How do I know whether I’m really listening to the Holy Spirit or not? Or, “How do I know the Holy Spirit is really listening to me?” What this question boils down to is, “How do I know I’m truly connected to the Holy Spirit?” Well the answer is simply we don’t try, we don’t try to get ourselves connected because it’s not our effort that matters. Yes, we do have to put effort into it, but what matters is the Holy Spirit’s effort.

You see we need to understand the Holy Spirit wants to connect with us more than we want to connect with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is ready. The Holy Spirit was given to us when we were baptized, and it was confirmed that we have the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. So we need to trust that, and that’s what having a life in the Holy Spirit is really all about: trust, and with that trust or what enables that trust is surrender, total surrender.

A good prayer to start every day with is, “Holy Spirit renew me, Holy Spirit you have my permission to change me.” It’s as simple as that. “Holy Spirit renew me, Holy Spirit you have my permission to change me”, and even if there’s part of you that does not really want to be changed because, hey!, we all have that simple part of us that says, “I’m in charge of my life not God, I want things to be the way I want them to be.” In other words I don’t really want to change there are certain parts of my life I want changed, and it’s usually the other person, I want somebody else to love me better or I want somebody to hire me or whatever. But true prayer that’s truly connected to the Holy Spirit begins with “Change me”, and if we give the Holy Spirit just even a small desire to be changed and the rest of us really is resisting that, all the Holy Spirit needs is that little bit and he’ll run with it.

I heard that several years ago when I went to confession and I really did not want to change, I really did not want to repent, I was angry at somebody and it’s like Dolly was justified anger. And if I too easily forgave, too quickly forgave, that person was as good continue on his ways that were wrong, and I was angry at what he was doing wrong, and I wanted to be angry. It was justified anger at least that’s how it began. But the priest asked me, “Are you willing to forgive him?” and I wanted to say, “Not yet, not until he does what he is supposed to do, not till he changes.” But I very feebly not in my head, and the priest said, “That’s all God needs, that little bit is all God needs,” and he continued with the prayers of Absolution. And I left that confessional changed. I was light-hearted, I was free of the chains of unforgiveness, and yes I still wanted that other person to change in the way that needed to be changed, but I was no longer caught up and trapped by the emotions of anger over it.

Whatever you need to surrender there’s more to surrender than you realize, because we need to totally totally give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit take charge. Give a little bit, just give the littlest or the greatest even if it is little bit of your willingness of surrender and the Holy Spirit will run with that. Holy Spirit renew me, Holy Spirit you have my permission to change me. That my friend is the beginning of a prayer life that is filled much more with the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless you!

This is Part 1 of the Paracletia video course, “How to Pray in the Power of the Holy Spirit”. For the full course, see…

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