Getting Connected to the Holy Spirit

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How do you know if you’re truly listening to the Holy Spirit? How do you know if the Holy Spirit is truly listening to you? Here’s how to get connected.

Video Excerpt:

One of the most basic questions that most people have about a relationship with the Holy Spirit and their prayer life is, “How do I know whether I’m really listening to the Holy Spirit or not? Or, “How do I know the Holy Spirit is really listening to me?” What this question boils down to is, “How do I know I’m truly connected to the Holy Spirit?” Well the answer is simply we don’t try, we don’t try to get ourselves connected because it’s not our effort that matters. Yes, we do have to put effort into it, but what matters is the Holy Spirit’s effort.

You see we need to understand the Holy Spirit wants to connect with us more than we want to connect with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is ready. The Holy Spirit was given to us when we were baptized, and it was confirmed that we have the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. So we need to trust that, and that’s what having a life in the Holy Spirit is really all about: trust, and with that trust or what enables that trust is surrender, total surrender.

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