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Do you feel like you’re on trial? Is someone misjudging you? In this podcast episode, Terry Modica unpacks 8 scriptures to assure you that God is defending you. Jesus said that he would give his Holy Spirit to us to be our Advocate. But before the Holy Spirit, Jesus was our Advocate, and before that, the Father was our Advocate. There is no reason to be self-defensive. God has our backs!




Video Excerpt:

Are you under trial? Think about the people, the circumstances and situations that you are in right now that make you feel like you are on trial being judged. Do you feel misjudged? Are you being judged unfairly? Or perhaps, you actually did something wrong and it is being held against you. Maybe there’s somebody who is not forgiving you, even though you’ve asked for forgiveness.

You need somebody to stand up for you. You need somebody to care and say, “It’s going to be all right.” You need somebody to speak to someone else and say, “This person isn’t as bad as you think he (or she) is.

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