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God is defending you

Footsteps to Heaven Podcast Show

Do you feel like you’re on trial? Is someone misjudging you? In this podcast, Terry Modica unpacks 8 scriptures to assure you that God is defending you. Jesus said that he would give his Holy Spirit to us to be our Advocate. But before the Holy Spirit, Jesus was our Advocate, and before that, the Father was our Advocate. There is no reason to be self-defensive. God has our backs!

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Are you on trial from someone's opinion of you? God is defending you!

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Are you under trial? Think about the people, the circumstances and situations that you are in right now that make you feel like you are on trial being judged. Do you feel misjudged? Are you being judged unfairly? Or perhaps, you actually did something wrong and it is being held against you. Maybe there’s somebody who is not forgiving you, even though you’ve asked for forgiveness.

You need somebody to stand up for you. You need somebody to care and say, “It’s going to be all right.” You need somebody to speak to someone else and say, “This person isn’t as bad as you think he (or she) is.

A couple of years ago, my father, who was living with us, fell and cracked the second vertebrae in his neck. He spent several months in a rehabilitation center. When they discharged him, he was too weak to come home. We needed to find nursing care where we could still give him our time and attention, but he would get good care. Just as his Medicare insurance ran out, the Lord opened up a bed for him in a six-resident assisted living home two miles from our house. Just two miles! It was perfect timing. We knew God was working on the family’s behalf to make this happen.

A few weeks ago, Dad ended up back in the hospital, because he had an infection. When it was time to be discharged from the hospital, he needed to go into rehab again.

Now he is weaker than he was before, and the house where he had been living could no longer handle his level of care. So the hospital sent him to a rehab center. We selected a facility where he’s been on a waiting list for long-term skilled nursing care. It’s the best in the area. Praise the Lord, they had a room available in the rehab wing! We had been told that if this happens, he gets bumped to the top of the waiting list for long-term care. Dad and I thought our prayers had been answered.

He was in the rehab wing for three weeks when the decision was made by the physical therapists that he is too weak to benefit for more physical therapy. The administrators said, “He’s got to leave. There is no bed open in the long-term wing.”

I said, “Can’t he stay right there in the rehab room until a bed opens up in the long-term wing?”
They said, “No, we are discharging him this weekend.”

So I went scrambling to find another place as close to home as possible. I found one that was not as nice but they would take decent care of him. And so the wheels were set in motion for him to be transferred to this other nursing home.

Meanwhile I’d been covering all of this in prayer, of course. I’d been saying, “Lord, please, please be my advocate and help convince those people in charge to let him stay where he’s at.” And I was extremely frustrated that there seemed to be no divine intervention to help my father stay there.

Well, the story doesn’t end when everything seems to be lost. Remember that! The story does not end when it seems like you are losing the trial. At the last minute, we got a phone call from the county ombudsmen. An ombudsman is an advocate, a volunteer who stands up for (in this case) the elderly. She receives the paperwork whenever someone is discharged from a nursing home. Something made her take a closer look at the paperwork — and we know Who that something is, right?! She wondered why this nursing home patient was being transferred from one nursing home to another. So she contacted us and asked, “Why is this happening? Do you really want him to move to another nursing home? What’s going on here? Was he mistreated at the place he’s leaving?”

We explained the situation to her. She immediately called up the nursing home’s Director of Social Services and reminded her that the law says that he does not have to leave if the family and the patient himself wants to stay. Then she called us back and told us how to appeal his discharge.

We did not know we had an ombudsman to go to! We did not know there was an advocate who would represent my dad to help him stay where he was. But the Lord had her call us. The Lord’s hand is at work again, because ultimately it is the Lord who is our advocate, our ombudsman in every trial.


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