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This episode was motivated by a burden I feel whenever someone tells me that they are suffering because of what a priest has done — and here we are not talking about the sexual abuse of minors and the horrific cover-ups by the hierarchy. There are other types of sufferings, and they all contribute to pain we all feel as a suffering Church: preaching heresies, nit-picking about rules in a harmful way, unpastoral attitudes, and in abuses that, because they are not victimizing children, remain covered up and undealt with.

So I dared to take a frank and honest look at what happens when priests do not have an active and alive, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. When it causes suffering and drives people away from the Church and from Christ, it is “diabolical” (quoting from Bishop Robert Barron’s Letter to a Suffering Church).

This episode includes what the General Instruction on the Roman Missal actually says and means about the “right” way. For more information, see my article The correct posture at Mass: Can we genuflect when receiving Communion? @



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May Camilleri
October 6, 2019 4:40 pm

Dear Terry, thanks be to our one true God. The blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for this podcast. I thank and praise God for enlightening us with THE TRUTH. There are so many faithful who put so much trust in their pastor that when they witness iniquity from the pastor they think that they themselves are not right. There are faithful who are scandalized by their parish priest by the lack of reverence during the mass, and especially during the consecration of The blessed Eucharist. Please don’t lose heart if you are or if you might experience such. Search for a Spirit filled pastor in another church. When you find one stick to that church. Pray much for all the clergy and especially for our pope.
Come Holy Spirit and fill me, heal me, melt me, mould me and use me. You have my permission. Come Holy Spirit and suit me up with Your armor, from head to toe and prepare me for the battle ahead. The battle of Your will not of mine. AMEN