When we proclaim our faith out loud, the devil hears us and knows he has been defeated. This is one reason why we recite the Creed during Mass and why it’s important to not be silent but to pay close attention to the words of the Creed and what they mean.

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The truth is constantly under attack by the spirits of darkness. They want to obscure the truth about Jesus. They want to obscure the truth about our need for a Savior. They want to obscure the necessity of living a holy life and how we get to Heaven. Demons want to trick us into believing falsehoods and deceptions, so that they can pull us away from God. Just take a look around and notice how many, many people have been tricked into believing what is not true.

Every line of the Creed conquers lies about who God really is — God the Father, God the Savior Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit – and also who we are as the Church. In this episode, Terry Modica describes the heresies that the Creed overcomes.

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