God’s Invitation: Lean in on Me harder!

God’s Invitation: Lean in on Me harder!

When your prayers are not answered, the Devil says, “God has abandoned you.” God is saying: “Keep praying, pray with persistence, and use this time to lean on Me harder.” It’s a faith-builder. God will move mountains for you, but he wants you to put him first before everything else. […] Read More

When all seems bleak, what can you do?

When all seems bleak — a crisis happens and there seems to be no solution, or when a problem brings darkness and there seems no way out — God has a plan. Jesus as our Redeemer always wants to redeem bad things that happen, turning them into blessings. If God’s […] Read More

Faith that smashes strongholds

What do you wish could be better? Your life? Your relationships? Your faith? If it were better, what would it look like? The first step in making anything better is to envision what better really means. Then ask: How does Jesus envision it? What are Father God’s dreams for me […] Read More

The virtue that releases faith

The greatest virtue that releases our faith is submission to the Holy Spirit. This enables us to recognize the voice of Jesus and hear his guidance, his concern for us, and his desire to work miracles in our lives. It enables us to feel the generous love of the Father. […] Read More

What’s blocking supernatural faith?

When we identify the sin that interferes with our faith in God, we can overcome it to grow in holiness and live the way God intended — with the same miraculous faith as the first Christians that we read about in the Book of Acts. The biggest sin is culture-wide, […] Read More

Psalm 1: Footsteps to Heaven Premier Episode

In the premier episode of the podcast show FOOTSTEPS TO HEAVEN, Terry Modica unpacks the rich meaning of the first three verses of Psalm 1 while sharing why it’s her personal Life Scripture. (“She is like a tree planted by running water; whatever she does, prospers” — adapted from Psalm […] Read More