Deepen Your Faith by Understanding the Catholic Mass

Gain a new, deeper appreciation of the Liturgy of the Eucharist and a more lively relationship with Christ.

Take, Eat and Drink is a set of 17 short segments (three to five minutes). Each video ends with a question for personal reflection or group discussion. It appeals to all generations: youth, young adults, and older folks, from traditional Catholics to spiritual explorers who aren’t sure they want to show up at Mass. It’s designed for those who want to deepen their faith by understanding the Mass better and for catechists to use in classrooms.

Help yourself, or your parishioners and catechists, or your teens gain a new, deeper appreciation of the Mass and a more lively relationship with Christ! Use it to explain the Mass in a way that evangelizes and builds interest in full participation in the liturgy.

Features Msgr. Rick Hilgartner, who at the time was Executive Director of the Secretariat of Divine Worship at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Father Gary Dowsey of the “Hey Father Gary!” show on SpiritFM Catholic Radio, and Father John Gerth of “Ask Fr. J” fame on

Reformatted for catechists!

In 2011, Good News Ministries produced a DVD to help prepare parishes for the changes in the New Roman Missal. Although the Church has finished transitioning to the new Mass, the content of the DVD is too good to throw away. We’ve updated it and repackaged it in short segments for catechists to use in adult and youth faith formation classes, including RCIA.

Part 1 covers the Introductory Rites.

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