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God helps us grow in faith during hardships, heartaches, and every other sort of problem. He generously gives us the gift of grace to make everything work for our good. But while we’re in the midst of turbulent times, we usually can’t see it or feel it. Terry Modica explains 3 keys (or graces) that will open your eyes and your heart to grow closer to Christ and to feel him comforting you. They are: detachment, penance, and prayer visions.



Video Excerpt:

How are you doing? How are you doing during these turbulent times that we’re in now? How’s your relationship with Jesus? Are the difficulties in your life bringing you closer to Christ or making him seem more absent?

Everybody has turbulent times, but the whole world right now is going through turbulent times, isn’t it? And we’re going through experiences that we never imagined in our entire lives we’d ever have to go through.

How can this bring us closer to Christ? It’s meant to do that.

Let me tell you a secret that I’ve learned. Romans 8:28 says that all of this is done for our good. God allows things to happen. He’s bigger than everything going on in the world right now: everything evil, everything turbulent, everything destructive, everything confusing, everything painful, everything worrisome. If we were to lump that all together into a ball, God is infinitely bigger than that.

God has chosen to allow it. He could have stopped it. He could have prevented it because he’s bigger and he cares. He really does care! But he has allowed it because he sees within it a gift, something very, very important and special that he wants to give to us.

There are always extra graces that come out of turbulent times. There are extra graces that are injected into the very turbulence of the times that we suffer. And I’d like to share with you three graces (or you could call it three keys) that bring us closer to Christ during turbulent times.

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