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A Word of Encouragement

God hears your cries as you suffer. Are you distressed by not being able to receive the Sacraments because of the COVID-19 lockdown? Jesus is coming to you in a special way, with a supernatural grace, through the Word he provides to you through daily Mass — even if you have to watch it by video. ESPECIALLY now when you cannot go to church! He has a message for you — a Word of Encouragement. He wants to minister to you.

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Terry Modica giving a word of encouragement

If you really know that Jesus is present in the Holy Eucharist, if you’ve experienced receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and it’s been a healing moment, it’s been a powerful moment, it’s been a grace-filled moment, you have felt Jesus in a special way when you receive him in the Eucharist: You’re missing that during the COVID-19 lockdown, as am I. I know you’re missing it terribly, maybe even with tears sometimes.

God has a special message for you. Pay attention to the scriptures of Mass each day. It is no coincidence. The Scriptures of Mass are containing, during this pandemic lockdown, something every day that somehow ties into it, somehow ministers to us in the midst of this.

Today what really touched me (which is why I decided to make this live video) was the responsorial psalm, and, in particular, our response: “The Lord hears the cries of the poor.” As I spoke those words as I was watching the live-streamed Mass, I felt so connected to the Father’s love. I felt a special Grace come to me because the Word of the Mass, the Word of the Gospel, the words in scripture are Jesus himself coming to us.

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