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In this special episode, Terry Modica interviews Bill Snyder, author of a book of Advent meditations, called A Contemplative Las Posadas, based on the novenario that’s celebrated in Hispanic cultures. Las Posadas is Spanish for lodging, which in this case refers to the inn in the story of the nativity of Jesus. Traditionally, people go from house to house asking for lodging, re-enacting Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethlehem. They begin on December 16th at dusk, dressed up as angels and shepherds. Two are dressed as Mary and Joseph. Finally, on December 24th, they are welcomed into the house and everyone celebrates.

Bill has turned this into a novena of reflections on the nine themes of Las Posadas for use as Advent meditations. His book can be used in private meditation or it can be used by groups who take it from house to house or on a pilgrimage within the church, like the Stations of the Cross.

To get your copy of the book, go to or order it from Amazon at

Bill is part of the GNM family as the professional editor of our podcasts. He is the founder of Patchwork Heart Ministry, a non-profit ministry he began in 2012 for Catholic youth and young adults. His greatest desire is to inspire and challenge young people to live their faith boldly. Bill hosts Young Catholics Respond, a weekly podcast and radio show. He is also the producer of the weekly EWTN Radio program, The Bear Woznick Adventure.

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