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How well are you handling the lifestyle changes forced upon us by the coronavirus? The COVID-19 virus is a calling to trust God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can discover the blessings he is bringing from it (according to Romans 8:28). Consider the timing: It’s happening during Lent for a divine reason. God in his great mercy is doing something amazing. This episode reveals what that is.

Terry Modica also shares the story of Saint Roch, who is a Patron Saint for stopping plagues.



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God is there for you. God cares about you. God is going to protect you in the midst of everything that’s going on with, and because of, the coronavirus. Even if you get this virus and become sick, God is with you. Maybe he will heal you miraculously. I hope you have friends who believe in the power of the Holy Spirit working miracles and will pray over you. And even right now, I hope you have that kind of faith in the Holy Spirit where you know you can ask for protection so that you can be kept safe from the coronavirus.

And remember, my friend, if you do get sick from the coronavirus, you can offer that up, too, for the sake of those who don’t know Christ. And if the “worst thing” happens to you? You actually die from the coronavirus? That’s not the worst thing that could happen to you because you will go to a better place. You will go to Heaven. Even if you have to be purged of sins that you haven’t repented of yet, it is a better place that you go to. And maybe the worst thing that could happen, really, is the loss of your loved ones to the virus. Maybe they die.

But in Christ, if they are in Heaven or in Purgatory, if they die in Christ, you are still connected to them in the Communion of Saints. We call that the Communion of Saints. You can still experience that connection through Jesus Christ – a connection that’s different than you’ve ever had before, but it’s a connection where that person is now your personal patron saint. So nothing in Christ and through Christ is truly disaster. We can trust the Lord.

Trust God. Be at peace, my friend. Offer up your sufferings for those who don’t have that peace. God bless you in that effort. And he will!

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