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What do you think God the Father is really like? I guarantee he is much better as a Daddy who really cares about you – much better than you think he is. In this episode, I’ll share with you some key ways of really getting to know God the Father better, because he wants you to be intimate with him. He wants you to know him intimately.




This video was originally broadcast during a Catholic summit called God the Father: Unconditional Love”. Seventeen Catholic authors and speakers offered catechesis, stories, faith-sharings, and more — all about the love of God and his providence and guidance in our lives. The archive of these short presentations is available free @

Video Excerpt:

I heard God the Father say, I am a true friend, capital T, capital F, True Friend. And I had an instant healing. I knew that God had not abandoned me.

I spent the next month rejoicing in that. It took another month for the house to sell. But all during that time I knew that God had not abandoned me. And I really believe that it took a month more to sell the house because God wanted me to see how healed I was.

Well, that was part of my early journey in discovering who God the Father really is. And as that developed, I learned more about differentiation: differentiation between who I thought God was and what he really is like.

Now I’m going to lead you through a spiritual exercise of learning the difference: differentiation between God the Father as he really is and God the Father as you falsely think he is. During this spiritual exercise, you could stop the video/podcast to write down the things as I share with you what I wrote down — or you can do this, of course, after the video/podcast is over. It’s a fairly simple spiritual exercise, but with profoundly healing.

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