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Have you ever been in this kind of a situation? You’ve got a plan. You’ve prayed about it. God has called you to it. You feel anointed to do it. You feel gifted to do it. You feel like God is putting things into place for you to do it — and then things go wrong. That’s what I want to talk to you about in this podcast. Learn how to prevent things from going wrong, or when they do go wrong, how to handle it by relying on the fact that you can hide from evil in the shelter of the Father’s arms.




Video Excerpt:

God the Father wants to hold you and hide you from evil coming at you and ruining what He has planned for your day or your mission, your ministry, your life.

Let me read to you one of my favorite scriptures. This is from Psalm 27, verses 5 through 6: “For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe in His dwelling. He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock. Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me. At His sacred tent, I will sacrifice with shouts of joy. I will sing and make music to the Lord.”

God wants to hide you, too, in the shelter of His tent. You could also say “in the shelter of His loving arms, in the shelter of His love, in the shelter of His protection”. He wants to hide you from whatever your enemies surrounding you want to do to ruin what God has called you to do, to ruin what you know is a good plan.

There’s something very important to understand here, my friend. Everything that is good that you do, everything that God calls you to do – the Enemy, the devil, does not want you to do it….

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