How to bring loved ones to Christ

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Think of the special someone you’ve been praying for because he or she has left the Church or never had true faith. How do you feel about it? In this podcast, you can find out how to bring loved ones to Christ.

It’s heart-breaking to love someone who is stubbornly rejecting the truth about Jesus. It’s hard to watch them suffer the worldly effects of not turning to him to let him be their Savior. You know how important faith in Christ is for their life now, and — the biggest heart-wrencher — you fear that they won’t spend eternity with you in heaven.

You’re not alone if feeling this kind of heart-ache. Many of the prayer requests that come into Good News Ministries are for the conversions of loved ones.

We are called and commissioned by Christ to evangelize. But how can we do this successfully for the ones we care about most? Jesus would not ask us to partner with him in the mission of salvation if he did not also provide the means for accomplishing it. And remember, he cares more about the salvation of your loved ones than you do!

How to bring loved ones to Christ

I cannot tell you what works in awakening a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled faith in our loved ones, but I can tell you what doesn’t work. I cannot tell you what works, because each case is different.

For some, what works is hitting the bottom of what the world has to offer. We have to wait for their wrong beliefs to fail them — and most likely it has to fail them again and again before they become interested in finding out what a difference faith in Christ can make. But this doesn’t work for everybody. There are plenty of people who remain fully entrapped in their wrong beliefs their whole life long.

What doesn’t work is debating them. We cannot bring loved ones to Christ with words alone.

Think about what worked for you: What brought you to a fully immersed life in Christ? What converted you? Or what strengthened your faith when you relied more on worldly beliefs than Christian truths? Or what brought you back to church after being away for a while?

Next, think about the conversion stories of others. Then think about your loved ones who need conversion. What might open their minds to the truth?

For me, it happened when a friend explained how God miraculously changes bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Jesus during the Catholic Mass. However, I’ve not been able to bring anyone else to conversion the same way.

Notice the role God played in my conversion story. Think about the role God played in your own story of conversion or faith growth. This will be the topic of my next podcast in the Footsteps to Heaven show.

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