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Jesus wants to have an intimate conversation with you right now. A deep heart to heart talk with him.  Right now — yes, right now – open your heart to him. Don’t be afraid.

Jesus is saying to you:

Speak to Me, My precious one! Tell Me about those who are closest to you, the sorrows they cause you, and your fears for them. How would you like Me to help them? And what about the people who have alienated themselves from you? Tell Me how they have hurt you. Tell Me you forgive them, so that I may heal your pain. Ask for wisdom and understanding in dealing with difficult people—the family member, the neighbor, the co-worker—and I will be generous in giving you insights.

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Tell Me about the sick people you know, those who are suffering from physical ills. Tell Me about those who are suffering from mental anguish. Tell Me about the sinners you would like to see converted. I care about them even more than you do.

Speak now of yourself, my wonderful friend. What are the needs of your soul? …

Tell Me about your plans. What goals have you set? What goals would you like to set? …

What about the joys in your life?

Tell Me what has made you happy, what has consoled you, what has helped you. …

My precious friend, I long to hear your promises. … I will take your promises, secure them with My Love, and intercede to our Father for the graces you need to fulfill them….

Now let Me fill you. I fill you with My Love. I fill you with My forgiveness. I fill you with My generosity. I fill you with My gifts. I fill you with My strength….


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