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Part 2 in the bible study about miracles covers John 1:29-33 where John the Baptist identifies Jesus and prophesies that Jesus will baptize his followers with the Holy Spirit. This video ends with a prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit after explaining why we need it.

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Video Excerpt:

This is the second video in a Bible Study on God’s Word, taking a look at how much we don’t believe yet, because Satan doesn’t want us to believe it, because he’s robbing the Church of the graces that God wants to provide to this world….

Verse 16, “From this fullness we all have received”- full of Grace and Truth in verse 14 and now verse 16 says, “from this fullness we have all received Grace upon Grace. in other words abundant Grace no, more than that, abundantly abundant Grace extravagant Grace. God’s Grace is beyond what we can ask for or imagine. God’s Grace is beyond what we need. And he sent Jesus Christ to provide the fullness of this Grace to us. So that we get more than what we need, we get an abundance of what gives us a full life. Even the desires of our hearts if they’re holy and good, in such a way that others are converted by it. Grace isn’t just for us; it’s for the mission of filling the world with His Grace. “Grace”, (this is in verse 17 now) “Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.”

What is Grace? Grace is a free gift from God that we don’t deserve, but because He loves us so much he freely gives himself to us. Grace is not just a noun as in “What is grace?” But “grace” is a verb; it’s an action word. It is God acting in our lives. When we fully understand what the Word of God tells us, we come alive in that Grace, and His Grace is helping us to fully understand his Word and his Truth because Jesus says he came to give us Grace and Truth….

In Baptism that Grace that we received then it’s the fullness of God, but there is more to it. Jesus knows that to live the Christian life, we need his supernatural power, his supernatural Grace, so he baptizes us with the Holy Spirit. If you’ve not yet received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as an extra Grace from Jesus, then pray this prayer with me now or if you’re ready for a renewal in it pray this prayer with me now: “Come Holy Spirit, fill me Holy Spirit, fill me to overflowing Holy Spirit. I want everything that you want to give me. Fill me with your gifts; fill me with your fruits. Help me to be all that God the Father wants me to be. Come Holy Spirit you have my permission to change me. Amen.”

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