John 3:34 contains an often-overlooked but very important truth: God does not ration his Spirit. You have within you the same fullness of the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ himself did and as much as the Saints who experienced very supernatural, amazing manifestations of God’s power.

How fully do you really believe God’s Word? This is the 7th video in a series about living the Christian life with miracles and supernatural faith.

The Transcript

In part 7 of this video series on the amazing Word of God, there’s one verse in Chapter 3 of the Gospel of John that I want to especially highlight before we move on to Chapter 4. John, the Gospel writer, is summing up that Jesus came from Heaven, was sent by God, and speaks the Word of God. In the middle of that, almost like a passing by the way statement, it’s something that I want to highlight because it doesn’t just speak about Jesus and His being sent by God into this world. It speaks to you and me as well.

This is the second half of verse 34 in the third Chapter of the Gospel of John. “He (God the Father) does not ration His gift of the Spirit.” God’s ability to give you and me the Holy Spirit to work miracles is not rationed as in, well that person over there has a bigger amount of the Holy Spirit in him and can work miracles; I have less, so I can’t be expected to do as much. Or that person over there is a Saint. Or that saint that I’ve read about has been so gifted by the fullness of the Holy Spirit that he or she has lived the holy life.

I can’t be expected to have that same degree of saintliness in my life because I haven’t been graced with as much of the Holy Spirit. But right here in the Word of God, my friend, is that Truth that God the Father who filled Jesus with the Holy Spirit at His Baptism in order to do His very important redemptive mission, gives you and me the same Spirit. Not a piece of the Spirit! You can’t have just part of the Holy Spirit! We can live the life of the Holy Spirit only partly. But we have received all of the Holy Spirit, and when we ask God to fill us anew and release in us the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the holiness of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of the Holy Spirit, the discernment of the Holy Spirit, prophecy.

Hey, even saints and other holy people that have not been canonized, they’ve levitated in prayer. This is because they are so connected to the Holy Spirit that the earth is no longer holding them down. That, too, is our inheritance. The Holy Spirit is not just a little bit in you and more in others. God the Father has not rationed to you any smaller part of the Holy Spirit. He has given you the fullness and wants you to live in that fullness. And that, my friend, is the challenge that I am giving you repeatedly in this video course. And we’re going to continue going through the Book of John looking at how the Holy Spirit is offered to us, how important that is, and how we are called to be evangelizers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Before we go on to Chapter four, examine your conscience again. Where are you now in your journey of coming into greater embracing of God’s Word and believing the Truth of It? This Truth needs to be fully grasped before we go on with the next part of the series. God the Father is not rationing the Holy Spirit. You have the fullness available. What do you need to do? This is a question that I ask myself every day. What do we need to do? What do I need to do, what do you need to do to open more fully to being God’s instrument of power in this world? God bless you because God has many blessings to give you.

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